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Create Your Very Own ‘Cork It’ Wine Pong Game!

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It’s been a very snowy winter in Michigan and one of the only things that has helped banish the winter blues for us has been staying entertained with friends on the weekends!  There’s nothing better than laughing and hanging with your besties and we’ve been blessed with some of the best!! 

At one of our most recent gatherings, I introduced a new game to my friends! It’s been so fun and entertaining and we are totally addicted!  The game is called ‘Cork It’ Wine Pong, and it’s basically a wine-lovers take on beer pong. The best part is that I actually made the game board myself!  The gist of the game is seeing who can land the most wine corks inside the wine glasses on the board!  It’s quite a challenge to get those corks to land in the right spot, especially when you factor in wine consumption!! (We have to collect those wine corks to play the game somehow, don’t we?!?!) Read More

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