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Spring Renovation Ideas

By March 22, 2018Uncategorized

Spring has sprung here in Michigan!  There is always something so motivating about the extra sunshine, warmer temperatures, and longer days!  It seems that everyone gets the itch to tackle spring projects around the house.  Whether it’s  cleaning out the basement, reorganizing the garage, or tackling cosmetic stuff around the house, Spring chores are on everyone’s radar this time of year.

One of the bigger and more costly projects to tackle in home projects is the kitchen.  If you’ve been in your house for any length of time or recently purchased an older home, you may have those “heavenly” builder-grade oak cabinets that were so popular in the 80’s and 90’s!  We’re not sure who thought those cabinets ever looked beautiful, but somebody did and they managed to appear in just about every house built during that time. Fast forward to present day and to all of the beautiful options for kitchen cabinet finishes that you see in newer-build homes, and you might find yourself in the position of having MAJOR kitchen envy!!

Homeadvisor.com lists the national average cost to remodel a kitchen at roughly $22,000!  That amount of money is no joke!!  The other problem is that, while that builder grade oak finish is horrendously ugly and outdated, those cabinets are really solid well-built cabinets that probably have nothing else wrong with them other than their drab brown color.

The good news in regards to tackling a kitchen remodel as a spring project is that you can avoid spending thousands of dollars to achieve the look of a more modern kitchen.  Furniture paint is becoming an increasing trend in kitchen remodels because it offers a significantly more affordable option to achieving a more modern look!  Grammie’s Furniture Paint is the perfect solution to tackling your kitchen.  With virtually no prep involved in the painting process, your kitchen renovation can be achieved very quickly and would only cost as much as a couple of gallons of paint!  Picking a modern color and adding some hardware to the cabinets accomplishes a beautiful, long-lasting upgrade while only costing at most a couple hundred dollars!  Now that’s the kind of spring project that will get you motivated to make those changes you’ve been staring at all winter long!

















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