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Tips And Tricks

By August 5, 2018Uncategorized

Giving your furniture a face lift is great way breathe new life into your home! Grammie’s Furniture Paint will take your project from drab to fab! However, there are some right (and wrong) ways to give your pieces a fresh face!

DO: Sock it to ‘Em! Use an old (but clean) sock to really get into all the little details of your piece. There is nothing worse than little bits of fiber or lint stuck in the surface of your otherwise perfect gloss or matte. Unless you are attempting fiber art on your tabletop, leave the paper towels in the kitchen.

DON’T: Drop Out of Prep School! Making sure your project is prepped for painting creates the foundation you need for a long-lasting finish. A good cleaner and degreaser will remove any unwanted dirt from the past. Don’t forget to remove any hardware, too!

DO: Be a High Roller! Okay, so this one won’t actually qualify you for the high rollers club, but it will save you some money in the long run! Invest in a roller kit. The tray allows you to pour some of your furniture paint into the well. Using paint from the well ensures you do not cross-contaminate your Grammie’s Furniture Paint pint with any dust or bits from your project. This allows you to save your remaining paint for use on future projects!

DON’T: Paint In A Rush! Family coming this weekend, but you really want to make the hall mirror frame blush with Blushing Berries? Start early enough to allow adequate dry time between coats of your furniture paint.

Speaking of

DO: Finish What You Start! A good finish is, well, good! Grammie’s Wax is great for most projects. A little bit goes a long way, don’t over do it! If your project may be exposed to liquids or the elements, choose Grammie’s Polycrylic Top Coat.

See these steps put into practice in our tutorials!

Happy renovating!

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