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Reuse and Repurpose

By November 1, 2018Project Ideas

Everybody has one – that piece of furniture that you tolerate because it’s useful but you don’t really love. Maybe it was passed down to you by a family member, maybe you bought it in college and just can’t bear to get rid of it, or maybe it was perfect 10 years ago before you repainted your living room and updated the flooring.

Parting with furniture can be difficult, even more so when you visit the furniture store to look at new ones and then you see the prices – how can it still be so expensive even though there is a 50% off sale!!

Do not fear, Grammie’s Furniture Paint is here to help take your furniture from boring to WOW!

Take this end table (disclaimer, this item was purchased at a local thrift shop for $3.00).

This small end table was a little dated and boring but the legs had some character and it was in good condition. Our plan was to turn this table into a stool / table.

We decided to really brighten things up by going with a gold and red color scheme. The first step to helping create a lasting finish is preparation. In this we used our Degreaser https://www.grammiesfp.com/product/degreaser/ to wipe down the wood surfaces. If the furniture was kept in a house where someone smoked you will need to really deep clean to wood to remove as much of the nicotine as possible. The piece that we were finishing did not appear to come from a house with a smoker but cleaning/degreaser helps remove dirt and toxins from the wood.

Once clean we used some left over metallic gold spray paint on the legs. Because the legs do not need to be as durable as the top/bottom shelf spray paint worked.

For the top and bottom shelf we used our amazing Show Stopper Red – always a favorite color!

To complete the transition we purchased some beautiful complimentary fabric and created a seat cushion to sit on top.

I think you’ll agree that is was such a beautiful transformation and it was cost effective and fun!

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