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Reuse and Repurpose

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Everybody has one – that piece of furniture that you tolerate because it’s useful but you don’t really love. Maybe it was passed down to you by a family member, maybe you bought it in college and just can’t bear to get rid of it, or maybe it was perfect 10 years ago before you repainted your living room and updated the flooring.

Parting with furniture can be difficult, even more so when you visit the furniture store to look at new ones and then you see the prices – how can it still be so expensive even though there is a 50% off sale!!

Do not fear, Grammie’s Furniture Paint is here to help take your furniture from boring to WOW!

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Looking for a halloween craft project perfect for children and adults?

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Halloween is on the way and we love to decorate our house with lots of fun and cute spooky decorations. As part of all the Halloween festivities we are often searching for activities that we can do with young children or grandchildren but are also fun for us adults to join in with (sorry but coloring paper plates starts to get a little repetitive year after year!).

This year we were inspired by a project that we saw that looked easy, fun, gave great results and looked cheap to make – ‘Spooky’ Mason Jar candle holders. This project is a perfect at home craft or would be great to do at a school or church halloween party or at your own halloween party!

Here’s how we went about making these as well as our estimated cost and a rough estimate as to how long this took to complete.

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